Specialists in EB-5 Investments

About LCR Capital

LCR Capital

Specialists in EB-5 investments that help wealthy foreigners secure U.S. green cards.

Secure your U.S. residency through LCR Capital, a trusted private equity investment and speciality finance firm. Experienced in advising high net and ultra high net worth individuals from South Africa and other emerging markets, LCR secures American green cards through quality investment programmes. 

Obtaining a green card is made possible through the U.S. government’s EB-5 Immigrant Investor Programme, which enables foreigners to gain U.S. residency by investing $500 000 into a new American business or real estate project that creates American jobs.

LCR Capital, in conjunction with tax and immigration specialists, will guide you through the application process and provide a U.S. investment offering that best suits your needs. We offer a high quality service, with transparency at every step.

By investing through LCR Capital you will be able to leverage the company’s senior leadership team, who have built deep global networks through their personal relationships with some of the world’s premier organisations. These include McKinsey & Co., JPMorgan Chase, Nomura, INVESCO, U.S. Navy Seals, Frontier Strategy Group, the U.S. Congress, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and other leading global institutions.

LCR Capital was founded in 2012 by first-generation U.S. immigrants who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities when starting a new life in the United States. We have successfully assisted EB-5 investors from South Africa, China, the UK, India and Brazil.

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lcr capital

Suresh Rajan


Mr. Rajan is the Chief Executive Officer of LCR Capital Partners. Prior to launching LCR, Suresh served as President and CEO of Java Nova LLC, a private equity funded franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts. An experienced QSR operator, Suresh’s focus was on real estate selection, market development, finance and human resources.

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Joseph Haggenmiller


Mr. Haggenmiller is the Chief Operating Officer for the firm. Before joining LCR in 2015, Mr. Haggenmiller was Co-Founding Partner and Co-CEO of Presagium BVI Ltd. Presagium was a hedge fund investing in multiple asset classes using mathematical algorithms on a systematic basis. Besides co-managing the investment strategy.

lcr capital

Rogelio Caceres


Mr. Caceres is the Co-Founder and CMO of LCR Capital Partners. He leads the firm’s EB-5 capital raising activities through its global client engagement efforts as well as the strategic distribution relationships it has established in Brazil, China, India, South Africa and other countries. Over the last fifteen years, Rogelio has built four different companies from inception into multi-million dollar businesses by targeting and serving the needs of sophisticated domestic and international C-suite executives and HNW investors.

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Douglas van der Merwe

South African Representative

Mr. Douglas van der Merwe is the local LCR representative based in Cape Town and is responsible for identifying and communicating with potential South African clients on behalf of LCR Capital Partners. He advises and gives guidance on the regulations and process regarding U.S. immigration via the EB-5 visa programme. Prior to his affiliation with LCR Capital Partners, he successfully founded and managed a number of businesses ranging from diamond mining to property development companies.   His entrepreneurial career spans 26 years. He holds a BSc degree in Quantity Surveying from the University of Cape Town.