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    EB-5 Visa

    The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Programme rewards foreign investors and their immediate families with a path to U.S. citizenship in exchange for a $500,000 job creating investment into a new American business or real estate project.

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  • eb-5 visa
    LCR Capital

    EB-5 Funds

    It’s possible to get an American green card if you sign up to the U.S.’s EB-5 immigrant investor programme and invest capital into businesses that create stable jobs for Americans.

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  • eb-5 visa
    LCR Capital

    EB-5 Investment

    Secure your U.S. residency through LCR Capital, a trusted private equity investment and speciality finance firm. Experienced in advising high net and ultra-high net worth individuals from South Africa.

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LCR Capital


Experienced in advising high net and ultra-high net worth individuals from South Africa and other major emerging markets, LCR secures American green cards through quality investment programmes.


Investing in the EB-5 programme is
a great way to hedge your bets against any further political turmoil in South Africa.

Employment Opportunities

When you obtain an EB-5 immigrant investor visa, you and your family will be authorised to work in the USA.

Access World Class Education

Investors’ children may qualify for state and federal financial aid and pay reduced “in-state” tuition at public universities.


Freedom and Security

Investors can live, work, and retire anywhere in the U.S. and travel easily to other countries.


The EB-5 visa offers a great immigration solution for those who have the financial resources to qualify.

Direct Route to Citizenship

When you enter the U.S.  through the EB-5 program you will have a conditional green card and a direct path to permanent residence.

Latest News

Latest News

01 Jan 2019

Emigration Planning and Timelines

For most people, the most difficult part of the emigration process is making the decision to leave. Once that’s done, everything else starts falling into place

Posted by LCR Capital

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